Making a Magick Mirror

This is used for scrying and it can be used to store power which is raised in the circle. Power, once raised, can be stored and called on at a later time if stored in the magic mirror.

The mirror must be concave, hollowed out on one side like a cave, possibly the face of an old clock glass. Purify, consecrate and dedicate this glass to the service of the Goddess.

Polish it, paint the convex side with flat black paint and re-purify it. Keep it wrapped when not in use, in a piece of linen which as been freshly laundered, purified and consecrated. When you wish to use it, take off the linen cover and use it on the altar for scrying or for other magick powers.

An easy way to make a magick mirror:
Put water in a bowl, pour a bottle of black ink into it, purify, consecrate and use for scrying.

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