Make Your Own Incense


  • Mortar and pestle
  • Your cauldron, a heat-resistant ceramic dish, or shell placed on a trivet, to prevent any damage to the surface your incense container is resting upon
  • 2 resins
  • Small charcoal briquette
  • Matches or lighter

Combine two resins, such as equal amounts of copal and frankincense, in your mortar and pestle. Crush them thoroughly until they become a fine powder.

Light a small piece of charcoal and place it in the cauldron (or shell or other vessel). Allow the charcoal to glow red before adding your incense.

Add the powder slowly, just a pinch at a time, allowing each pinch to burn completely before adding any more. This type of incense burning is slow and deliberate, with cleansing the residual energies in mind. If you dump all of the incense on the coal at once, you will get an undesirable amount of smoke in the air at one time. The incense will burn very quickly and will not burn long enough to do its job effectively. Let the incense burn a little at a time until the coal is spent. With every pinch, recite the following incantation:
“My mind is awake
My spirit, aware
At once now purified
Through this fire and air.”

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