Magickal Wands

A wand should represent your energy and personality as much as possible. Feel free to carve it with symbols or pictures that are important to you. Use the wand to cast a sacred circle, enhance a spells power and call upon the energies that the wand represents. The more time and love you put into the making of your wand, the more power it will have, so choose the decoration with care.

For a Basic Wand

  • 9 inch willow stick
  • Knife
  • Small, specially chosen Crystal
  • Sandpaper
  • Copper wire
  • Needle and thread
  • White glue or wood glue
  • Items appropriate to your wands dedication for general use decorate your wand with ribbons of the colors of the rainbow and top with a quartz crystal.

Different woods are used for to make different wands for different purposes, a list of the different uses, and the woods that can be used can be found at the bottom of this page, also see ‘The Seven Sacred Trees Of the Week’ to see the length of wood you need to cut, and when is best to cut it.

For Love

  • A stick cut from Apple, Apricot, Pomegranate, Nut or Willow
  • 2 Rose quartz crystals
  • Dried roses
  • Pairs of paper hearts
  • Pink ribbons

For Fertility

  • A stick cut from Banana, Birch, Fig, Hazelnut, Oak, Walnut or Willow
  • Seashells
  • River stones
  • Ears of corn
  • Green ribbons
  • A Pine cone

For Prosperity

  • A stick cut from Almond or Horse Chestnut
  • Coins
  • Mint
  • Almonds and horse chestnuts
  • Orange or gold ribbons

For Protection

  • A stick cut from Ash, Cypress, Holly, Larch, Mulberry, Rowan or Oak
  • Holly leaves and berries
  • Rusty nails bound with red thread
  • Red ribbons
  • Flint

Decorating Your Wand

  1. Strip the bark away from the central wand and sand it down with coarse sandpaper until the wand is completely smooth.
  2. Decorate the wand with appropriate items and ribbons.
  3. For general use, top the wand with a clear quartz crystal, binding it to the wand with the copper wire, then glue bands of ribbons in the seven colors of the rainbow along its length.
  4. Use copper wire or a needle and thread to add anything else that feels right to you, such as a charm or tiny bells.

The Seven Sacred Trees of the Week

A wand of the right length should be both cut from its tree, and used in a spell, on the right day.
Saturday Alder 3 inches
Sunday Birch 6 inches
Monday Willow 9 inches
Tuesday Holly 5 inches
Wednesday Ash 8 inches
Thursday Oak 4 inches
Friday Apple 7 inches

Trees and Their Meanings

Healing Spells: Ash, Aspens, Elder, Eucalyptus
Spiritual Spells: Alder, Bamboo, Pine, Witch Hazel, Yew
Purification Spells: Bay, Birch, Broom, Cedar, Tamarise, Willow
Protection Spells: Ash, Cypress, Holly, Larch, Mulberry, Rowan, Oak
Fertility Spells: Banana, Birch, Fig, Hazelnut, Oak, Pine (cones), Walnut, Willow
Love Spells: Apple, Apricot, Pomegranate, Nut, Willow
Prosperity Spells: Almond, Horse Chestnut

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