Magickal Symbols

Below are 71 symbols commonly used in magick.

You can put magickal symbols on any of the tools or objects that you use for magick. You can even wear magickal symbols on your clothing. Like a magickal alphabet, magickal symbols speak to your unconscious.

You can use symbols to make a statement. For example, a Goddess symbol on your wand could stand for your dedication to the Lady and your commitment to use magick for the good of all. You can also use symbols to further define your magickal intention — carve them on a candle for candle magick, sew them on a poppet, or draw them on paper and place them inside your poppet. You can even use magickal symbols when writing in your Book of Shadows.

If you don't feel like writing the word cauldron, you can draw the symbol instead.

Symbol Meaning
airsymbols.gif Air Symbols
altarsymbol.gif Altar
athamesymbol.gif Athame
autumnsymbol.gif Autumn
awarenessymbol.gif Awareness
beautysymbol.gif Beauty
broomsymbol.gif Broom
cakeswinesymbol.gif Cakes and Wine
candlesymbol.gif Candle
cauldronsymbol.gif Cauldron
circlesymbol.gif Circle
cordsymbol.gif Cord
cronesymbol.gif Crone
cupsymbol.gif Cup
deosilsymbol.gif Deosil
divinsymbol.gif Divination
earthsymbols.gif Earth Symbols
eastsymbol.gif East
essoilsymbol.gif Essential Oil
femalesymbol.gif Female
fertilitysymbol.gif Fertility
firesymbols.gif Fire Symbols
fullmoonsymbol.gif Full Moon
gdsconssymbol.gif Goddess Consciousness
goddesspose.gif Goddess Pose
goddessymbol.gif Goddess
godpose.gif God Pose
godsymbol.gif God
healingsymbol.gif Healing
jupitersymbol.gif Jupiter
lovesymbol.gif Love
maidensymbol.gif Maiden
malesymbol.gif Male
mercurysymbol.gif Mercury
mgkcirclesymbol.gif Magick Circle
mgklenergysymbol.gif Magickal Energy
moonrisesymbol.gif Moon Rise
moonsetsymbol.gif Moon Set
mothersymbol.gif Mother
neptunesymbol.gif Neptune
newmoonsymbol.gif New Moon
northsymbol.gif North
pentaclesymbol.gif Pentacle
pentprosymbol.gif Pentacle Protection
plantsymbol.gif Plant
plutosymbol.gif Pluto
purificationsymbol.gif Purification
rainsymbol.gif Rain
rebirthsymbol.gif Rebirth
saltsymbol.gif Salt
saturnsymbol.gif Saturn
southsymbol.gif South
spellsymbol.gif Spell
spiritualitysymbol.gif Spiritual
springsymbol.gif Spring
stormsymbol.gif Storm
summersymbol.gif Summer
sunrisesymbol.gif Sun Rise
sunsetsymbol.gif Sun Set
sunsymbol.gif Sun
swordsymbol.gif Sword
uranussymbol.gif Uranus
wandsymbol.gif Wand
waningsymbol.gif Waning
watersymbols.gif Water Symbols
waxingsymbol.gif Waxing
westsymbol.gif West
widdersymbol.gif Widdershins
winesymbol.gif Wine
wintersymbol.gif Winter
witchsymbol.gif Witch
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