Magickal Days and Basic Timing


Symbol: Sun.png
Planet: Sun
Basic Energy: Will
Basic Magick: Success
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow or gold
Rules: Leo
Energy Keywords: Aggressive, authority, confidence, courage, determination, dignity, egocentric, faith, fortitude, individualism, leadership, loyalty, optimism, overbearing, poise, power, reliance, stubborn, vitality, willful


Symbol: Moon.png
Planet: Moon
Basic Energy: Emotion
Basic Magick: Protection, psychism
Element: Water
Color: White or blue
Rules: Cancer
Energy Keywords: Creativity, domestic, feeling, flexible, growth, imagination, impressionable, intuition, kindness, magnetism, masculine, maternal, matter, mother, peace, plasticity, protective, psychism, receptive, sensitive, sympathy, visionary


Symbol: Mars.png
Planet: Mars
Basic Energy: Action
Basic Magick: War, change
Element: Fire
Color: Red
Rules: Aries, Scorpio
Energy Keywords: Assertive, combative, constructive, courage, defiant, destruction, dynamic, energy, expressive, fearless, force, frank, heroics, impulsive, leadership, passion, self-reliant, spontaneity, violent


Symbol: Mercury.png
Planet: Mercury
Basic Energy: Speed
Basic Magick: Communication
Element: Air
Color: Blue or silver
Rules: Gemini, Virgo
Energy Keywords: Active, adaptable, agility, alert, analytical, articulate, aware, brilliant, changeable, critical, dexterous, diffusive, discriminatory, duality, efficient, expressive, indecisive, intelligent, irresponsible, precise, reason, restless, sensory, skeptical, verbose, versatile


Symbol: Jupiter.png
Planet: Jupiter
Basic Energy: Expansion
Basic Magick: Money
Element: Fire
Color: Purple
Rules: Sagittarius, Pisces
Energy Keywords: Aspirations, benevolent, charitable, confident, dignity, expansion, extravagant, faithful, generous, growth, gullible, human, humorous, indulgence, kindness, merciful, optimistic, orthodox, philanthropic, poise, pompous, radiance, religious, reverent, understanding


Symbol: Venus.png
Planet: Venus
Basic Energy: Socialization
Basic Magick: Love, friendship
Element: Air
Color: Green
Rules: Libra, Taurus
Energy Keywords: Affectionate, art, attractive, beauty, considerate, constructive, cooperative, courtesy, devotion, evasive, feminine, flirtatious, gentle, harmony, impressionable, indifferent, indolent, love, obstinate, original, refinement, responsive, sociable, vacillate


Symbol: Saturn.png
Planet: Saturn
Basic Energy: Restriction, authority, crossroads
Basic Magick: Banishing, rewards
Element: Earth
Color: Black or midnight blue
Rules: Capricorn
Energy Keywords: Authority, caution, defensive, diplomatic, fearful, humility, justice, law, old, patience, pessimism, respect, responsible, restrain, rigid, serious, severe, sincere, stern, thrifty, time
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