Magickal Daydreaming

Daydreaming is a natural, mental outlet. We already daydream a lot, especially when we're young. Magickal daydreaming also represents a mental prayer to Spirit, and is a technique that you can do just about anytime, anywhere.

The only tool required for magickal daydreaming is your creative mind. As with other magickal applications, you can use magickal daydreaming alone or with other paths of power.

Let's try some magickal daydreaming right now. List five things you want desperately. This could be anything from finding a good job to learning how to be a good driver. A few rules exist in magickal daydreaming, as well as other types of magick:

  1. Always daydream in a positive way. Do not daydream negative things.
  2. Always daydream that you already have what you want, meaning daydream in the present tense.
  3. Don't daydream for anything that belongs to someone else. The world is full of abundance. You need only tap into that abundance. You do not need to take something that someone else owns. That would be stealing.
  4. All daydreams must be specific. No indecision allowed.

Pick the first thing on your list and write a positive statement about what you want. Witches call this positive statement of intent an affirmation. You affirm in writing (and by repeating the statement mentally to yourself as much as possible) what you want. Say your first daydream was to be a wise and empowered Witch. You would write on your piece of paper I am a wise and empowered Witch. Then repeat that statement often in your mind everyday, especially if you feel depressed or unhappy. Attach a daydream to the statement — lets say a picture of yourself happy and strong. Practice this daydream with your affirmation every day, and eventually you will day dream yourself right into the position.

But don't think that you can just daydream something and it will happen without some sort of normal work. You have many gifts and skills, and magick will become one of those skills. Magick will not, however, override your normal abilities.

One daydream crusher that hits everyone comes when you can't decide exactly what it is you want. You vacillate, going from one thought to another. Another is the belief that the daydream isn't coming true because it may take a long time to happen. When you realize that part of your problem rests on your indecision, then your daydream may finally come true. This is true with all magickal applications. If you don't focus on exactly what you want, you're going to do nothing but chase the tail of your magickal robe.

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