Love Spells

We of the Coven of Midnight do not condone the use of love spells that seek to control or change the will of an individual. The spells contained within this section are here simply as a learning aide to those wishing to have a fuller appreciation and knowledge of their craft.

A Basic Love Spell
A Penny for Loving
A Real Love Spell
A Spell for Just a Little Nudge
A Strong Spell for Love and Passion
Back Off Baby Spell
Basic Love Spell
Black Passion Lust Spell
Bottle of Love
Bring Someone Close Spell
Charm Bag to Draw a New Love to You
Come to Me Broom Spell
Come to Me Love Spell
Do You Love Me
Doodle Bug Spell
Ending Love Spell
Full Moon Soul Mate Spell
Gypsy Moon Love Spell
High Moon Love Spell
Honest Love Spell
Love Candle
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Love Spell
Lust Spell
Orange Love Spell
Penny Cabot’s Human Candle Spell
Peter, Paul, or Harry/Diane, Debbie, or Crystal Spell
Posies and Honey Parent Love Spell
Powerful Love Spell to Bring Love and Happiness to You
Red Rose Love Spell
Ring Spell
Rose Quartz Charm
Seven-Knot Love Spell
So That Your Partner Returns to You
Spell to Attract Love
Spell to Attract Love and the Right Person for You
Star of Love
Stop Loving Someone
Talisman to Bring Love
The Lover’s Brunch
To Attract a Person You Love
To Attract Love
To Attract Love and Friendship
To Attract the Heart
To Attract the Love of a Certain Person
To Attract the Love of a Certain Person
To Attract True Love
To Bring a Loved One Back
To Bring a Lover Back to You
To Charm the Person of Your Dreams
To Decrease Your Lover’s Libido
To Draw a Lover to You
To Find Love
To Get a Loved One Back
To Increase Your Lover’s Libido
To Make Your Man More Passionate in Bed
To Obtain Love from a Specific Person
To Restore a Lover’s Affection
To Start a Passionate Affair with Thou Person’s Desire
To Win a Love Who Rejects You
Venus Love Spell

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