Locker Spells

These days there isn’t much room in your locker, and with regular searches for drugs, having herbs in baggies in there won’t earn you any medals from the administration, so here are some low-profile ideas you might want to try. If you’ve been to boot camp or your job requires a locker to keep your possessions, you know how small that locker can be! Feel free to use your own imagination, too. Here are some quick and easy spells to turn your locker into a powerhouse of magickal energy!

  • Empower a comb and tape onto the door of your locker to comb away any negativity that your books or clothes might collect during the course of the day.
  • Add a little holy water to your perfume. Spray on pulse points before that dash to lunch to keep your shielding strong.
  • Place a piece of smoky quartz at the back of your locker to ward off theft.
  • Knot seven red strings together in the name of the Seven Hathors to ward off sickness. Tape to the back of your locker, where clothing hangs.
  • Empower an old watch to always ensure you are on time for class or aren’t late when returning to work from break or lunch. Tape or place at the bottom of the locker near where shoes are kept.
  • Empower a blank, black notebook to ensure that you never forget any homework or other scheduling requirements. Keep in the locker at all times, and don’t use for anything else.
  • Fill a salt shaker with salt, red pepper, black pepper, and gold glitter, then draw a spiral on the cap from the outside to the center of the cap to catch and destroy negativity.
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