Lavender Dream Pillow


  • Fabric in pattern of your choice
  • Cotton, Polyfill, or other stuffing material
  • Dried lavender
  • Needle, thread, scissors

To assemble the pillow, place the fabric with the right sides together. Cut out the shape you'd like your pillow to be — square, circle, whatever. Pin the material together, and sew most of the way around the edges. Be sure to leave a gap where you can stuff the pillow.

Turn the material right side out, and fill with cotton or Polyfill. Add a handful of dried lavender, and stitch the opening closed. As you sew, you may wish to offer a blessing by chanting:
“When at night I go to sleep,
sweet dreams will come to me.
Lavender scent bring peaceful rest.
As I will so it shall be.”

Tip: If you're making this pillow as a project for a child, you can use felt and cut out shapes of the child's favorite things. Appliqué them on the pillow. Ask your child what sorts of things he or she would like to dream about, and use these shapes as a guideline.

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