Join in the Dance

Come! Join us now, this mer-ry band, as we go a danc — ing.
We're Wit-ches all, en — joy-ing life; a-round the Circle pranc-ing.
Don't waste your time sit-ting out-side the Cir-cle's Sa — cred ring.
Come! Join us now, full co-ven strong. Let's dance and then let's sing.
Join in the dance, round and round; we'll make your step seem light.
Let your-self go, round and round; dance all through the night.
Love to the Lord and Lady too;
Love to all these Witches. We may be poor, or so it seems,
But we have these riches: We have so much brotherly love,
T'gether with each other. We have the best together now;
Wife, husband or lover. We nothing lack in our lives,
So long as we keep to The Wiccan Rede: "Harm no one;
What ye will, then do."
Come! Join us now, this merry band,
As we go a-dancing. We're Witches all, enjoying life,
Around the Circle prancing. Don't waste your time sitting outside
The Circle's sacred ring. Come! join us now, full coven strong;
Let's dance and sing. Join in the dance, round and round;
We'll make your steps seem light. Let yourself go, round and round;
Dance all through the night.

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