Introduction to Runes

Could working with the Runes possible help you to better discover who and what you truly are and then you can give more fully of yourself to others?

I think so. I have been doing the Runes for about ten years now. They have given me an insight into a fuller understanding of who and what I more truly am, not only now but has given me insights into my past and also into my future.

How did I find out about the Runes? Glad you asked.

I am sure that this has never happened to you but one day I went into the bookstore, just to look around and found myself in the Metaphysical section. As I browsed, this set of Runes in a box jumped out, grabbed me by the throat, and said it a very authoritative voice, "You will take me home!"

Well, you can bet you bottom dollar I was not about to argue with this, so I bought them, took them home and the great adventure began!

My first Runes were from Ralph Blum and his book The Book of Runes the runes were made of clay and in carrying them around with me I broke one or two. Now I am using a beautiful set carved in rock and the rocks, themselves look like wood. The carved staves or symbols are done in gold. If there is a Metaphysical bookstore or shop you can usually find sets there.

Runes and Much More

Why Runes, over the I-Ching, Tarot, etc.?

I like the "feel" of the Runes when I swish my hand into the bag. They also are not a divination tool per say, but a very subtle way of finding out about yourself, in ways you never thought possible.

I believe we are in a time when these Runes, like they did in the past will speak to our inner self to awaken our Higher Self — the highest and most noble aspect of your being. Then you will find that the Greater Self will respond by giving of Itself for the benefit of the little self. This is what has been true for me. I also have become aware of my Spiritual Warrior within.

Now there are many books on the Runes because I believe this is "their time." I would like to recommend only two that I use daily and am familiar with. These are:
Blum, Ralph, The Book of Runes, Michael Joseph, 1982.

Meadows, Kenneth, Rune Power, Element Books Inc. 1996.

May I recommend the same thing that Blum did in his book on working with the Runes.

"Contemplating the Runes is a process by which we may grow in clarity, in stillness, in being at one with the Self. To that end, a single question, a simple prayer, will always suffice:
Show me what I need to know for my life now."

Above all else, let your work with the Runes be as play!

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