Incense, Resin and Essential Oils

Many witches use incense as a representation of the element of Air and the East quarter. They choose the appropriate scent based on what they want to accomplish within their circle. Others use it to add some oomph to their spellworkings.

Incense comes in sticks, cones or resin. Some is self-burning; others require the use of charcoal disks. You can make your own incense using herbs and oils. Add some very finely ground saw dust to your mixture to make it self-burning.

Essential oils can be added to incense to make them more powerful. They can also be used in diffusers to enhance the atmosphere. For magick workings, oils can be used to anoint yourself or your tools, dress candles, mix with herbs, added to talismans, for ritual baths, ect.

Below are the common uses for the popular incense and oils. If you are using an oil or incense that is not listed below, but is plant-based (such as sage), you can find uses for it in the herbs section.

Allspice Money, luck, physical energy
Amber Love, comfort, happiness, healing
Ambergris Psychic ventures, dreams
Anise Increase clairvoyance
Apple Blossom Peace, success
Apple Bring cheer, Samhain, healing
Baby Powder Calmness, health
Balsam Fir Strength, break negativity
Bay Purification, protection, healing, psychic powers
Bayberry Protection, control
Benzoin Purification, prosperity, psychic ability
Bergamot Attract money, uplift spirits
Black Opium Opening hidden worlds
Blueberry Ease emotional heart ache
Camphor Lunar works, chastity
Cardamom Gain courage for situations
Cedarwood Healing, purification, unhexing, protection, spirituality, money
Cherry Love, spells, divination
Chocolate Peace, soften strangers
Cinnamon Purifying, stimulation, money, love
Citronella Cleansing, warding
Clove Stimulating, stress relief, memory, protection, exorcism, purification
Coconut Protection, chastity
Copal Love, purification, uplifting, protection, exorcism, protection, cleansing, spirituality
Cranberry Uplifting spirits, love
Cypress Comfort, healing, protection
Dessert Rain Revitalize, cleansing
Dragon's Blood Potency, protection, love, healing
Egyptian Musk Love, lust
Eucalyptus Healing, purification
Fern Banish evil
Frankincense Astral strength, protection, exorcism, spirituality, love, consecration
Frangi Pani Warding off, opening
French Vanilla Love, psychic abilities
Gardenia Peace, love, healing
Geranium Power in rituals/magick
Ginger Success, empowerment, money
Heliotrope Psychic power, attract wealth
High John Strength, confidence, prosperity
Hollyberry Protection, purify space
Honeysuckle Money, psychic power
Honeydew Protection, increase
Hyacinth Good luck, love, spirit
Jasmine Love, money, dreams
Juniper Calming, protection, healing, love, exorcism
Kyphi Attract love, success, banishing
Lavender Cleansing, healing, love
Lemon Psychic/mental clarity, love
Lemongrass Psychic/mental clarity
Lilac Warding off, soothing
Lily of the Valley Peace/comfort, memory
Lime Energy, fidelity/loyalty, uncrossing
Lotus Spirituality, healing, meditation, opening, elevation, protection
Magnolia Harmony, psychic awareness, peace, nature, trees, hair growth
Mulberry Powerful protection, strength
Musk Aphrodisiac, prosperity, courage, purification
Myrrh Hex-breaking, meditative, healing, protection, peace, consecration, meditation
Myrtle Love, money, Venus
Narcissus Earth, grounding, sleep
Neroli Self-purification, sexual attraction
New Moon Hay New beginnings, uplifting
Night Queen Control, change, passion
Oak Moss Breathing
Orange Blossom Attracting proposals
Opium Sexual attraction
Sweet Orange Attract men, peace, luck
Patchouli Mastery, growth, love
Peach Positive thoughts, harmony
Pennyroyal Purifying, water, gout
Peppermint Energy, mental stimulation
Pine Grounding, strength, cleansing, money, healing
Rain Cleansing, purification
Raspberry Protection, spirits, death
Rose Love, house blessing, fertility
Rosemary Remembrance, energy
Rue Protection from hexes and curses
Sage Healing, spirituality
Sandalwood Protection, exorcism, healing, spirituality
Sweet Clover Faithfulness, protection
Strawberry Love, luck
Sulfur Protection, exorcism
Sweet Pea Attraction, friendship, strength
Tangerine Uplifting, energy, strength
Tea Tree Eliminate confusion, harmony
Temple Use in sacred space
Thyme Healing, protection
Tonka Love, money
Tropical Rain New beginnings
Tuberose Sensuality, serenity, calming
Vanilla Lust, mental powers
Violet Wisdom, luck, love, protection
Watermelon Joy, revitalizing, spirits
Ylang Ylang Euphoria, harmony, love
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