I Will Meet You There

Run my God
To the woods and the mountains

Take Your Lady
To the streams and the fountains

For the city chokes
In the factory smoke
And the pavement's hard and bare
So make Your way
To the woodland glade
And I will meet You there

Singing, Li-Li —

The city parks
Have streams and pathways

But the paths are paved
And dead are the waterways

And the people there
All stop and stare
As I stand with robe and blade
And they never see
When they look at me
And the Circle I have made

Singing Li-Li —

I will build a temple
And set an altar

With smoke and fire
And sand and water

Though the room's not wide
And the streets outside
And the plastered walls are bare
It will be as glade
And forest shade
And I will meet You there

Singing Li-Li —

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