How to Practice Visualization

Sit comfortably. I suggest sitting cross-legged with a meditation pillow to support you.

Close your eyes and take some deep, cleansing breaths. Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes.

Allow any thoughts that come into your head to leave at their own pace. Redirect your attention to your breath, without trying to control it.

Become aware of your spine's connection to the earth. Envision roots growing down from your spine deep into the earth's molten core.

Feel the earth's energy moving up through the roots and through your body.

Open your eyes. Cup your hand in front of you.

Visualize the energy coming up from the earth moving through you and forming a ball in the palm of your hand.

Look at the ball. Notice the color, the feel of it, its heat, its smell.

Hold it steady. Then try to make it rotate.

Hold the image for as long as you can, and then absorb the energy back into your hand.

Let the energy flow from your hand back through your body and into the earth.

As with physical exercise, you should start slowly and build your way up. Try holding the ball to the count of ten at first, and then letting that time gradually expand.

Once you feel comfortable with visualization, it will become easier for you to cast spells that will help you change your own reality.

As an alternative to the ball, try pointing your finger and drawing an invoking pentacle (beginning at the top point and moving down and to the left) in the air.

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