How to Make Your Own Wand


  • Stick from a tree* (This should be approximately 8-12 inches long, or whatever feels most comfortable to you)
  • Tacky glue, super glue, or epoxy (read bottle for best application)
  • Decorations (crystal points, stones, ribbon, paint to draw runes or symbols)

This is your wand, so decorate it however you feel fit.

Find a stick in the woods that you felt comfortable with.

Saw off each end, then drill a hole into the tip of it and attached a crystal point to it using epoxy glue.

Then wrap the body of the stick in thin leather and stitched it together using fake sinew.

You can paint small symbols and runes on it, and attached a crystal sphere to the end of it.

*Wood you can choose from for your wand:
Balsa: Psychic awareness
Cedar: Healing, purification, protection
Cherry: Love
Ebony: Protection, magickal energy
Elder: Spirituality, protection
Eucalyptus: Healing
Maple: Love, money
Oak: Strength, health
Pine: Money, healing, exorcism
Walnut: Health
Willow: Psychic awareness, blessings of the Moon

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