How to Make Your Own Pendulum


  • 12-18 inches of string or cord
  • Pointed stone or a sphere (stone, glass, metal, etc. as long as it's heavy enough to weigh down the string)
  • Large bead or stick (to use as a handle)
  • Decorations such as beads or trinkets (This is optional. Just don't use anything that is magnetic or will get in the way)
  • Superglue
  • Scissors

Tie the string to the center of your handle or large bead.

At this time if you would like to decorate your string with beads etc., slide them onto the string now.

Then tie the pendulum point to the opposite of the string.

You can use superglue to seal the knots. (Please be careful, superglue can bond to and burn you skin.)

Cut off any loose strings with scissors, and you are done.

There are many different items you can use for a pendulum. You can be as simple as using a faucet washer to using a crystal. It's really up to how much money you wish to spend.

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