How to Make Your Own Magick Pen


  • Feather*
  • Calligraphy pen nib (tip)
  • Black ribbon
  • Superglue
  • Clear tape
  • Decorations such as rhinestones, small feathers, seed beads, or paint (of course decorations are optional)

Attach your pen nib to the end of the feather with superglue. Hold it in place with clear tape while it dries.

After it is dry, cover the tape with black ribbon. Use black ribbon so the ink won't stain your feather and also so you can't see the tape.

Add decorations if desired to suit your needs or taste.

*The magickal qualities of feathers are determined by their color (and, sometimes, by the birds from which they fell).

Below is a composite of feather lore from (mostly) European folk magick sources, and it differs from that of color symbolism in general.

It's always best to use found feathers as opposed to purchased feathers.

Walks in parks, or in zoos, can provide a wealth of materials.

If you keep birds, you have an even more reliable supply. Never harm a bird to obtain a feather.

White: Purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, blessings of the Moon
Green: Money, fertility, growth
Brown: Health, stability, grounding, the home
Orange: Attraction, energy, success
Yellow: Intelligence, blessings of the Sun
Red: Courage, good fortune, life
Pink: Love
Gray: Peace, neutrality
Blue: Psychic awareness, peace, health
Black Feathers: Not recommended
Red and Brown: Healing animals
Brown and White: Happiness
Gray and White: Hope, balance
Black and White: Union, protection
Green and Red: Finances
Blue, White, and Black: Change
Black and Purple: Deep spirituality

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