How to Make Your Own Magick Mirror


  • 1 small mirror ½-12 inch diameter (any shape)
  • 1 piece of glass, cardboard, or wood (This needs to have at least an inch larger diameter than your mirror. If using glass, you can get large round glass ornaments at any craft store, they already have a hole poked in them for hanging.)
  • Super glue and tacky glue (Be careful using super glue! It will stick to your skin, and can even burn you!)
  • Cord or wire (for hanging the mirror)
  • Plate holder (optional if you don't want to hang your mirror)
  • Cording to go around the outside (to frame it, optional)
  • Decorations such as paint, rhinestones, sea-shells, rocks, feathers, etc.

Clean your mirror and glass front and back.

Center the mirror on top of the glass, or cardboard etc.

Glue it down using Super glue, and let it dry.

Glue cording around the outside of your glass or cardboard for decoration using Tacky glue if you desire.

Now you can decorate around the mirror. (Do not put anything on the actual mirror, this must stay clean for spell work.)

Attach hanging cord (poke hole in cardboard if necessary.)

Make sure all materials are dry before using your mirror.

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