How to Make Your Own Book of Shadows


  • 3-ring binder (½-5 inches your choice)
  • ½ yard of material
  • Tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Decorations such as ribbon, rhinestones, charms, etc.

Take the binder and center it on the material for fit.

Take one end of the material and glue and tuck it under the metal binder spine.

Measure the opposite end of the material, then cut and do the same under the other end of the binder spine. (Note: You may wish to spot-glue the material to the inner and outer sides of the binder to keep the material in place. However, this is optional for if you get a good and tight glue and tuck under the binder spine, this is not necessary.)

Cut the material that is extended from the top and the bottom of the binder to ½-¾ inch from the ends.

On the corners, cut a slit on the material so you can fold and glue each half individually around the binder and tuck the ends. (This is sort of like wrapping a present.)

Glue and tuck any "corner-ears" that may have formed, and flatten nicely.

Let the binder dry 3-4 hours, then decorate to your desire. (Note: Use ribbon to cover any seams you may have.)

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