How to Be Lucky in Love

Gypsies carry a little five-finger grass, or cinquefoil (Potentialla canadensis), for luck. To have some in your pocket will make you lucky in love as well.

Bay leaves work much like five-finger grass. To carry a bay leaf is to carry luck. When you write a letter to your loved one, enclose a bay leaf in the envelope and it will increase his or her love for you.

Acorns are tokens of sexual love and desire. To have an acorn in your pocket when you meet with your love is to live dangerously! If you are feeling amorous, slip an acorn into your love's pocket without him or her knowing, and see what happens.

Lodestone is a natural magnet. It works for love. As with the acorns (above), carry a lodestone and slip a second one into your lover's pocket. They will draw you together.

Gypsies believe that if a woman sprinkles dried lavender (or passion flower) in a man's hatband, he will always think of her. (There is a similar charm whereby to sprinkle bracken in a man's hatband will make him cranky — not recommended!).

Love Pebbles: Find a round, white stone about the size of a large acorn. This should be one that you just happen to come across rather than one you diligently search for. Wash it in pure spring water and let it dry. Then with red paint print your lover's initials on one side of it and your own on the other. Give it to your love to carry with him or her, in pocket or purse, and it will bring the two of you together. This spell can be "doubled." Both of you can do the same thing, exchanging stones and then each carrying the one made by the other.

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