How the Worlds and Peoples Came to be

Night and Day danced lovingly and long, through the spectacular, blazing bits of thought that had flown away by the breaking of the Necklace. Not long can such love exist with creating of Itself images that reflect this Great Love.

Many of the bits of brilliance grew heavier and more solid throughout of passing of the Ages of Loving. These bits were called Worlds, or Planets.

The Lady and the Lord, Her Consort, looked upon their Worlds, delighting in each one, and decreed that there should be life upon them. Life that re-created the Love and Harmony that They and the Universe shared.

So, They began to form upon these Worlds, rivers and streams and bodies of water to quench the thirst of the plants and animals that would henceforth live upon the nurturing breasts of these Worlds.

These Worlds They called "Little Mothers," for from their soil would spring all manner of life and it would be sustained by the "Little Mothers."

Near each of the "Little Mothers" there was always placed a particularly bright thought-speck, called the "little Fathers." For Night and Day knew, as we do, that Life must have warmth and light to truly grow and reproduce.

All Worlds They did not make the same, for diversity and combination serve to further the Great Love of Themselves.

Having then seen to the Planets and Suns, and too, to the seeding of the Worlds with all manner of vegetable and animal life, the Divine Ones rested.

But the Great Goddess was not content. She felt the work was yet unfinished. She spoke to Her Consort and told Him of a plan. He agreed, knowing that the Lady knew what was best for Her Creations — for was She not the Progenitor of All?

Thus, they began to make and mold a people for a World. They made them in twos, male and female, to reflect the images of Themselves, and so that the re-enactment of Their Great Love might take place.

Now we know what people transpired upon this World, but we, as yet, know not what people were designed to populate other Worlds, or which Stars they are under by which they flourish by the Lady.

Though we would wish in our hearts to be the only objects of reflection of their Love, we must never think to believe that Their Infinite Love, burgeoning across all the Universe, had created none but Ourselves. Nor that the Divine Ones are so limited that They have not created many peoples on many Worlds, though unbeknownst to us. And they — these people of other Planets, like us, are perfect reflections of that immense, Divine Never-ending Love.

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