Hope Black Ritual Ink


  • A lump of yellow ocher
  • Gum from the pinyon pine
  • 3 cups of black sunflower seeds (the little ones)
  • 3 tablespoons ground native alum
  • 8 cups water

Start by burning the lump of yellow ocher with an equal amount of the pinyon gum. This will make a nice black soot. (Catch the soot on a cool ironstone plate that is held over the burning mixture.)

Save the soot.

Next, take the sunflower seeds, still in their shells, and boil them for twenty to thirty minutes in eight cups of water. Remove the seeds just after splitting open. (Do not allow them to soak in it.)

Add the native Alum after toasting it in an iron pan. Stir and simmer so that the Alum is completely dissolved.

Simmer the liquid until it is reduced to six cups of liquid.

Dip out a cup of the liquid and scrape the soot into it. Stir until it is dissolved.

Add the soot-dye mixture back into the greater dye.

Gently simmer until it is reduced to a desired consistency.

Use with a 'quill' pen or fine lined paint brush.

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