Honoring and Communing with the Divine

Here’s a list of ideas to commune and honor the divine that you can review. Feel free to take anything you find useful here and add it to your spell book’s pages.

  • Highlight your home or sacred space with colors that represent the god/dess.
  • Put an image that represents the god/dess on your altar (or at least use a candle that you can light to symbolize his or her presence).
  • Use herbs and aromatics on yourself, around your home, and in the sacred space that are suited to that god/dess and his or her attributes.
  • Add any symbols associated with the god/dess into your ritual clothing, altar cloths, nearby art, carve them into spell candles, ect.
  • Leave offerings for this god/dess out regularly, especially outdoors where the animals can take your gift and put it to good use.
  • Eat foods and drink beverages that the god/dess holds sacred in order to internalize their attributes. Also use these as post ritual foods, or ritual libations. It’s even nicer if some of the foods and beverages originate in the god/dess’ culture.
  • Invite the god/dess into as many different magickal procedures as possible. The more that deity is present, the greater rapport you’ll establish.
  • Meditate on various artistic renditions of this being, or descriptions you find in stories to give him or her fuller dimension.
  • Pray and talk to the god/dess regularly in any way that feels right.
  • Find sacred music that somehow reminds you of the god/dess or mentions him or her by name, and play it often.
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