Homo Lupus

Oh, O mighty corsair of the night,
leave your homo sapien counterpart world,
this candor you must seize tonight;
you are athirst for this transformation,
this primal giving from the silver sphere of light;
seek quickly this haven of solitude and safety.

When you arrive to that place of mystery that surrounds it,
which you have sought this moon,
shed those human clothes that bind you;
your soon sharpened sight will fixate on the ground,
quickly you will be unbound;
the change will accelerate into a frenzy of skin and fur,
and then you will emerge.

Alone in this place you may be,
but it's perfect for you to reside;
in a human world,
you would not be able to stray,
and you would soon be sought for your hide.

Let your senses thaw to a dull ache,
as you will know it to be true,
you do not belong in a human world,
it chokes you through and through;
please, no protest, it would be futile to try;
keep your amazing lethal self outside.

Your beauty a perpetual thing,
hopefully, it will last;
in this human world,
your existence is past;
they do not know you,
a wonder lost.

Let you only reap the pleasures ringing,
in your wild and savage system it thrives;
let it not stem into your being,
lest it be extinguished as most animals are;
let yourself admire this silent being you are,
in hopes you will live forever.

Oh, o mighty banshee of the night,
let your seeming stay quiet;
would you barter yourself to Fate?
Or would you let your moon-bound soul blaze?
Oh, o mighty beast, bide carefully,
among those humans who would destroy you,
only few would welcome and love you.

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