Hex Sign for Overcoming the Pain of Divorce

With a compass and ruler, draw the hex sign above to bring harmony into your life during the difficult proceedings. Use only blue and orange colors to fill in the drawing. The hex sign won’t make your parents get back together, but it will relieve the stress you are feeling. The rosette design (six petals) is found all over the world, from Athens, Greece, to Pennsylvania. This sing rosette is called a blummestrne (“flower-stars”) by the Pennsylvania Germans. Three petals represent the female trinity (Maiden, Mother, and Crone) and the male trinity (Father, Son, and Sage). The rosette also looks like a fully opened tulip. These flowers were considered symbols of the Witch’s cauldron. In fact, many Pennsylvania Germans called toe rosette the hexefus, meaning “Witch’s foot” or “Witch’s cauldron”. Each day, as you gaze at the center of the flower, imagine that you are looking into a Witch’s cauldron of transformation. The hearts are love rising from your drawing to you. The diamond shapes represent the assistance from the four elements and protection.

Once you have finished the drawing, pass the picture through your favorite incense to cleans, then write all family member’s names on the back. Hold your hands over the design and think of peace, love, protection, and harmony. Tap the drawing with your finger five times, once for each element (earth, air, water, fire, and Spirit). Hang where you can see the drawing every day.

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