Herbs and Pregnancy

There are many herbs that can be used to alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy. One of the advantages of using herbs is that they do not have the side effects of drugs and are not dangerous to the baby. Here are some of my favorites:
Red Raspberry: This herb is effective in reducing nausea while it also provides nutrients to the placenta and uterus. Red Raspberry is recommended for a myriad of feminine complaints. It can be taken in several forms: tea, capsule or a tonic. The tea and tonic have a tendency to soothe the stomach more quickly. Any health food store carries the tea. You may even be able to find tonics in the health food store, but I don't recommend those which are in an alcohol base. Alcohol should be eliminated from your diet when you are pregnant. You may however, be able to find it in a glycerin form which is perfectly fine.

Blessed Stinging Thistle: This little herb has remarkable effects when taken during pregnancy. Thistle is high in vitamin K, which makes it helpful in preventing hemorrhoids, varicosities and postpartum hemorrhaging. It can also be taken in a capsule, tonic or tea. You probably will not be able to buy the tea in pre-made bags. You will have to buy it in bulk, boil it and strain it for a nice tea. It is more effective if you alternate days between thistle and red raspberry. For each herb, the most common schedule is two to three times per day, but check your particular product recommendations.

Vitamin B-6: Although we all know that Vitamin B-6 is not technically an herb, I could not forget to mention this worthy little essence. Vitamin B-6 is very effective in eliminating nausea and fatigue. Most women have to take at least 500 milligrams a day in order to see any change. Make sure you take it in the morning because it has a tendency to give you a lot of energy and can keep you up at night.

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