Herbal Glossary
Physically infusing the herbal mixture with a mental picture of your need.
Bath (spiritual/herbal)
Used to cleanse body, mind, and spirit by empowering the properties of the herbs and placing in bath water through means of a sachet or infusion.
Flowers and leaves woven to create a crown for handfastings and High Holy Days.
Cleansing and consecration that involves removing all negativity from the herb, and then attuning that herb to the service of the divine.
Much like an infusion except that it is made from roots and barks. Boil for up to twenty minutes to activate the chemical, rather than steep.
A combination of plant materials (and sometimes essential oils) and a base material that’s mixed, then burned or smoldered on a charcoal briquette designed specifically for incense.
The process of soaking herbs in hot water. Use one teaspoon dried herb to every cup of water. Heat the water until just boiling. Pour over herb. Cover. Steep ten to twenty minutes. Strain and cool before using. Infusions, considered the original witch’s potion, are drunk as teas, added to baths, rubbed into furniture and floors, or uses to anoint the body.
Herbs mixed with a lard or beeswax base. More modern practitioners use one teaspoon of an herbal tincture with one once of commercial skin lotion.
Herbs ground to a fine powder and added to colored talc or fine-colored sand. Used to place under carpets, around doorsteps, in gris-gris bags, stuffed in poppets, loaded in candles, ect.
Attuned herbs placed in a small bag or piece of cloth that is tied or sewn shut. Sachets can be worn or placed under pillows or other areas of the house for all manner of magickal workings. Sometimes called mojo bags, charm bags, or gris-gris bags.
Extract made with alcohol rather than a water base. More concentrated in form and a longer shelf life. Standard formula for a tincture is five ounces of vodka, brandy, or apple cider vinegar and once ounce of the herb left to sit for six weeks in a sealable container. Shake the mixture every few days and, as with all herbals, keep out of direct sunlight. Tinctures are not to be taken internally.
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