Herbal Blends

Almond Musk with Natural Almond Slices. A sensuous, herbal musk, lightly brightened with almond.

Coco Rose with Red Rose Petals. Blended oils of Coconut and Rose, fluent and sweet.

Honey Rose with Red Rose Petals. A lively floral combination of Honeysuckle and Rose.

Jasmine Rose with Jasmine Blossoms. A classic and elegant blend of Jasmine and Rose.

Lavender Bouquet with French Lavender Buds, Lavender and Gardenia. Luxurious and fresh.

Lotus and Tulips with sliced Lotus Root. A sweet and exotic blend.

Patchouli Musk with Patchouli Leaf. Full bodied, earthy and sensuous.

Spicy Musk with Cinnamon Bark. A bright, woody combination.

Sweet Patchouli with Patchouli Leaf. Warm, rich patchouli with a pleasing vanilla overtone.

Vanilla Orange with Orange Blossom Petals. Joyful and fresh with a subdued and comforting sweetness.

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