Herbal Baths

Anise is an herbal aroma that is enjoyed by men and women both, so why not share? Licorice root can be used instead of anise seeds. I also recommend using anise hyssop in addition to this recipe I've acquired:
A quarter cup each of: jasmine tea, anise seeds, rose petals, and mint leaves. Place this into bath sachets and steep into two cups of boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Then add to your hot water bath.

Place a few candles around tub, and fill a couple of champagne glasses with a favorite wine or juice and enjoy.

A Twilight Bath

Sachet for this "blessed" bath is made by combining one ounce of rose petals, ½ ounce dried mint, and a pinch of crushed cloves together in a bath sachet bag. Let this steep under the hot water that's pouring into your tub, and then let soak in bathwater. Have a favorite towel ready for when you get out.

Herbal Bath Balls

Well, you are trying to use up all those "left over" herbs so you can replenish your stock this coming summer. So use them up in a soothing warm bath. Take one cup each of dried mint, rosemary, lavender flowers, rose petals, comfrey leaves, and lovage and mix well. Cut four five inch squares of cotton fabric, and place 1½ teaspoons of mix into each square. Pull four corners together and tie with ribbon or yarn. Use one herbal bath ball per bath. (Two if you would prefer!) Add a couple of candles and a cup of your favorite tea for one relaxing evening.

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