Helpful Magickal Tips to Start Anything
  • If you really need to pump it up, begin a spell or do a ritual when the moon is new (to begin) or full (more power).
  • Use a red candle to add a little extra vroom to your magickal work.
  • Add drumming to your desire.
  • Using your almanac, choose a day to begin your work is in the sign of Aries, or in a Mars hour, or on a Thursday.
  • Add either of the following herbs to your magickal work: dragon’s blood (for more power) or vervain (to make the work go faster).
  • Start any spell at dawn to pull in the birthing energies of earth, sea, and sky.
  • Inscribe the birth rune, Brica, on your candles or other magickal supplies.
  • Place the Magician Tarot card under your altar to enhance your ability to meld thought with Spirit to enhance the manifestation of your magick.
  • Cast your spell during a thunderstorm or on a windy day.
  • Cast a spell over moving or rushing water, or to match the tides of the sea (if you are lucky enough to live by the ocean).

Sometimes it isn’t the “getting moving” part that is so frustrating, but finding the right direction in which to move. Remember to perform all magick in a cast circle and check your divination tool before casting any spell.

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