Healing Spells

A Healing Spell
A Healing Spell
A Healing Spell
A Spell to Help You Eat Less and Become Healthy
Acne Removal Spell
Alleviate Headaches
An Energy Spell
Angel Healing Spell
Animal Healing Spell
Anti-Depression Spell
Apples and Oranges Healing Garland Spell
Athlete’s Foot
Aura Cleansing Spell
Banishing Emotional Pain
Broken Heart Healing
Broken Heart Healing
Bubble Healing
Cat Healing Spell
Chakra-Charging Spell
Charm to Keep Away Sickness
Cold Remedy Spell
Colds and Coughs
Combat Fever
Combat Low Blood Pressure
Cough Suppressant
Dieting Dragon Dream Spell
Druid Healing Spell
Ease a Sore Throat
Ease Blisters
Ease Burn Symptoms
Ease Cramps
Ease Flu Symptoms
Ease Headaches and Migraines
Ease Heartburn Symptoms
Ease Irritable Bowel
Ease Muscle Aches, Sprains and Torn Ligaments
Ease Muscle Cramps and Relax the Body
Ease Muscular Pain
Ease Muscular Tension
Ease Nausea
Ease Nervous Headaches
Ease Painful Boils
Ease Painful Cold Sores
Ease Stomach Discomforts
Ease Swelling
Excellent Egg Spell
General Healing
Headache Relief
Headache Relief
Headache Relief
Healing Blessing for Animals
Healing Necklace
Healing Physical Pain
Healing Sew Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Spell
Healing Waterfall Shower Spell
Healthy House
Help Eliminate Acne
Keep Fevers Away
Maintain Good Health
Minor Burns
Mouth Sores
Overcome Depression
Owie-Fix Spell
Poppet Healing Spell
Prevent Backache
Protection from Colds
Quick Recovery of Illness
Reduce Arthritis Pain and Discomfort
Reduce Back Pain
Reduce Fever
Reduce Swelling
Regaining Health
Regulate Menstruation
Relax Stiff Neck
Relieve Nasal Congestion
Relieve Pain from Broken Bones
Relieve Physical Stress
Rev-Up-Your Health Spell
Rock 'n' Roll Healing Spell
Skin/Acne Healing Spell
Skin Tonic
Snow Person Healing Spell
Soothe Insect Stings
Soap Sympathy Spell
Spell for Minor Pains
Spell to Banish Fever
Spell to Bring on a Late Menstrual Cycle
Spell to Ease a Broken Heart
Spell to Heal a Broken Heart
Spell to Heal the Earth
Spell to Heal Wounds
Stress and Suicidal Relief Spell
Summer Cold
The Drawing
The Potato Spell #1
The Potato Spell #2
The Rosary Spell
The Taking Off Spell
To Heal a Broken Heart
To Heal a Pet
To Heal the Hurt Leg
To Rid Yourself of Insomnia
Wedjat Spell
Winter Blues and Colds
Woman's Chant to Heal Wounds

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