Hardest Lessons of the Old Religion
  1. Be as sensitive to the needs of the other and as willing to help as a newlywed (be excellent to each other)
  2. Prepare for being the compliment one to another as a oneness of service in a constructive manner ever (let not either be a drain on the other)
  3. As helpmates, be forgiving, find the good; one that enableth another to help her/himself has gained more than one that taketh a city
  4. Do not block the development of the other
  5. Aid to others brings release, peace and harmony
  6. One will never find harmony by finding fault with what the other does
  7. Work toward oneness of purpose and spirituality in a complimentary manner to achieve and maintain wholeness
  8. One cannot change or improve anyone but their self
  9. One can only change their attitude about the other
  10. Unconditional love (Before one can accept others, one must accept their self. Accepting others that are on their appropriate paths and that they are right for who they are. We must learn to accept and tolerate others as being a part of one's self.)

Be: Cheerful, Forgiving, Helpful, Supportive, Optimistic
Shun: Criticism, Condemnation, Complaint
Use: Encouragement, Gentleness, Kindness, Love, Patience, Tolerance

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