Guided Visualization

When you are in a relaxed state you may wish to try a guided visualization. You will need to record this onto a tape or get a friend to read it aloud to you.

Guided visualization is also called ‘Trance work’ and is very important to a Magickal practitioner. They can be used in many ways, if you need an answer to something it can often be found by putting yourself into a trance — with a protective circle around you, (this can be done quite simply by imagining yourself surrounded by a bright white light, or by a bubble) — entering your sanctuary and asking your inner guide. Ideas for rituals and all sorts of inspiration can come to you this way.

Now take a deep breaths, relax completely and you are ready to try the guided visualizations. When you wish to return to your sanctuary at the end of the visualization, glide swiftly or fly if you wish. Then come back slowly to everyday awareness. Remember to take time to ground yourself after any mediation — walk about a little, place your palms on the ground or eat and drink a little something.

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