God's Eye

God's Eye are a traditional Mexican decoration for the celebration of the Summer Solstice. God's Eye, literally means 'Eye of Gold'.

To make a God's Eye, follow the directions below, but use only four yarn colors. The first is yellow, then an orange, medium red, and darker red. Use each color only once (other colors can be used, but keep the center yellow).


  • Two wooden dowels, or chopsticks, of equal length
  • Yarn in 7 colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Start by crossing the two dowels, being sure that they are of equal length all the way around.

Wrap the pink yarn under 'A', and across the sticks and in between 'C' and 'D'.

Wrap twice.

Pass the yarn behind 'B' and wrap it across the sticks in between 'A' and 'D'.

Do this twice.

Rotate the whole by one fourth. In other words, you have been holding 'D' in your hand. Rotate it by a quarter turn, and you will now be holding the former 'C', now as 'D'. The yarns you just did will now be at a \\ slant, instead of //.

Pass the yarn around 'A' and under. Cross it over and around 'D'.

Continue by wrapping the yarn over 'C', and around that stick.

Visualize 'protection' of you, your loved ones and your home as you work on this project.

Continue wrapping and rotating the 'God's eye' until you have covered About a quarter sized area of the sticks. Make sure that the yarns lie flat against each other.

Tie off the pink yarn, and cut and tuck the free end.

Next, take up the yellow yarn, using the same method, wrap 9 strands. When done, tie off; cut and tuck free end.

Continue with another color. Do it in colors that fit your purposes, and in amounts that you feel pleasing. When you have filled up the sticks to within three quarters of an inch, tie off the yarn. Cut and tuck.

Run a bead of glue around all four corners. Allow it to dry.

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