Giving the Offering

There are several types of offerings, including that of the libation performed in the communion rite. If the ceremony is held outside, the libation is given to the gods near the end of the rite by pouring some of the juice and scattering a bit of cake on the ground.

If you are indoors, the remainder of the cakes and juice are poured in a cleansed and consecrated libation bowl, then carried outside after the ritual is over and poured on the ground.

You may speak your own words of thanksgiving, or you may use the following:
“I honor the spirits of the north.
(hold the bowl to the north)
I honor the spirits of the east.
(hold the bowl to the east)
I honor the spirits of the south.
(hold the bowl to the south)
I honor the spirits of the west.
(hold the bowl to the west)
I honor the spirits of my ancestors.
(hold the bowl out in front of you)
I honor the Lord and Lady.
(hold the bowl slightly above your head)
I honor the spark of all life.
(hold the bowl out in front of you)
From perfection to perfection
This gift is given.
So mote it be.”

Bring the bowl down to the ground and pour out the contents.

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