Getting to Know the Face of Nature

Most of the Pagan/Wiccan traditions/customs come to us from Europe, where the weather/climate; even the timing of the seasons, differs. And just as it would be silly for a pagan in Australia to celebrate the Final Harvest on October 31/Nov 1 — when for them Spring is just beginning; so too, it is more important to honor that which we see/feel/experience every day, that what goes on in another country. I know some pagans disagree with that, saying that tradition is more important, but for a nature based religion, it seems She dictates what we do, rather than a book from a different country.

All the Earth is One, but the Goddess goes to the Underworld at different times in different Hemispheres — if nothing else, this alone should show that our Myths are just that — the stories do more than give a pretty interpretation of the seasons, though, they illustrate the deeper Mysteries.

Knowledge is Power, so we need to get out there and get to know our Lady and Her consort. The Green Man/God of the Vine is out there, as is the Horned One. The energies of the land about us have the power to heal us, to nurture us, to reclaim us. And keep in mind that not all reclaiming is done with gentle natural death. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, lightning-struck forest fires; are always of reclaiming, paths of destruction to make way for new creations. Remember that while destruction is quicker, easier; nothing is created without destroying something.

Don't "blame" nature for these occurrences — all things are Hers, to do with as She will. They may seem to be contrary to "My law is love unto all beings" but we "see through the glass but darkly".

Just remember that when you go outside, the Lady is the new-hatched bird, and the maggots feasting on road kill.

Now, most of live in areas where the pagan traditions of the land are not our own — we generally follow a path that speaks to us via genetic inheritance — and this is valid even if you're not an American of Egyptian descent, far enough back most of us came from the fertile crescent. It is important to know the names and stories by which the Old Ones were honored in the path we follow. It is also important to know the names and stories by which the Old Ones were honored in the land we live in now.

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