Gardening by the Moon

Let’s begin by listing what type of energy you’re dealing with (when discussing gardening) when the moon enters the various signs. They are barren, productive, semi-fruitful, and fruitful.

Below is a short list that tells you how the astrological signs fit into these categories:
Moon in Aries: Barren
Moon in Taurus: Productive
Moon in Gemini: Barren
Moon in Cancer: Fruitful
Moon in Leo: Barren
Moon in Virgo: Barren
Moon in Libra: Semi-Fruitful
Moon in Scorpio: Fruitful
Moon in Sagittarius: Barren
Moon in Capricorn: Productive
Moon in Aquarius: Barren
Moon in Pisces: Fruitful

You might think that you can’t plant anything in the barren signs, but there is an exception to the rule: Virgo, as you can see here. This is a handy gardening table to help you with your astrological timing when growing herbs, planting a moon garden, or harvesting the backyard garden. The information even works for window box gardens and other indoor plants.

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