Funeral Herbs

Since ancient times herbs have played a part in funerals. They've been used to scent graves and cremation fires, to fill amulet bags and in making wreaths to decorate burial places.

Basil: Protection, love
Bay Laurel: Communication with the dead, protection, triumph, used in funeral wreaths
Birch: Rebirth
Cedar: Prosperity, purification
Comfrey: Healing
Cypress: Endings
Elder: Transformation
Frankincense: Purification, spiritual transformation
Garlic: Protection
Holly: Renewal, resurrection
Ivy: Rebirth, celebration
Lavender: Memories, peace
Lemon Balm: Immortality, happiness; used in a tea for emotional cleansing and uplifting
Lily: Resurrection
Mint: Joy, a stewing herb
Mistletoe: Protection
Mugwort: Inner sight
Mullen: Cleansing
Myrrh: Healing, purification, protection, used in mummifying
Oak: Strength
Parsley: Good luck in here after; decorating tombs
Periwinkle: Immortality, "flower of the dead", placed on graves
Pomegranate: Rebirth
Poppy: Restfulness
Rosemary: Friendship, purification, happiness; thrown into graves "for remembrance", burned as incense, sprigs carried in funeral processions
Roses: Love, purification
Rowan Wood and Berries: Protection
Rue: Karmic completion
Sage: Wisdom, purification
Sandalwood: Purification
Thyme: Purification
Willow: Releases, cleansing
Wormwood: Transformation
Yarrow: Protection, healing
Yew: Immortality, endings; once planted in graveyards to protect bodies of the departed

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