Ground and center, we begin
Feel the shape inside your skin
Feel the earth and feel the air
Ground and center, how and where

Ground and center, don't just frown
Find the leaks and lock them down
Baby games you never learned
Bring you pain you never earned

Ground and center, do it child
If you'll tame that talent wild
Girl you learned it in your youth
Life's not fair, and that's the truth

Ground and center, once again
You're not finished. I'll say when.
Ground and center in your sleep
Ground and center 'til you weep

Ground and center, that's the way
You might get somewhere some day
Yes, I know I'm being cruel
But you're as stubborn as a mule

Ground and center, feel the flow
Can you tell which way to go?
Instinct's not enough my friend
Make it reflex in the end

Ground and center, hold it tight
Dammit, greenie, that's not right
(Every tear you shed hurts me,
But that's the way it has to be)

Ground and center, good, at last!
Once again, grab hard, hold fast
Half-asleep or half-awake
Both of us know what's at stake

Ground and center, now its sure
What you have now will endure
Forgive me what I had to do
Healing hurts, you know that's true

Ground and center, lover, friend
You won't break, but now you'll bend
Costly lesson, high the price
But you won't have to learn it twice.

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