Flowers and the Associated Fairies

Basil: The Fae of the Basil help us awaken greater discipline and devotion.

Buttercup: This flower and its Fairy bring healing energies. They help us rediscover our self worth.

Carnation: Their energy is healing to the body, contact with them strengthens the aura.

Clover: The clover fairies assist in finding love and fidelity.

Daisy: The daisy is a favorite of Dryads (wood nymphs). The fairies help awaken creativity.

Gardenia: This special Fairy stimulates feelings of peace. The Fae of this flower are very protective towards children.

Heather: The Fae of this flower are drawn to humans who are shy.

Jasmine: These Fae love to evoke pleasant dreams. They have also been known to help develop mental clarity.

Lily: These fairies help in the development of purity and humility.

Rose: The Faerie of the rose can help in all aspects of love and fertility.

Sage: They awaken a sense of wisdom in your life.

Snapdragon: These bring humans great protection.

Thyme: Thyme draws the wee Folk into your sleeping chambers.

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