Fisherman Superstitions

It is unlucky for fishermen to mention rabbits, hares, or other wild animals at sea.

It is unlucky to see a clergyman by the boats before setting of to sea. In such a case, the men might grumble "No fish for we tonight." A middle aged St. Ives fisherman set off one morning to the Scilly islands when he was greeted by a minister of one of the chapels who happened to be passing by; the man then said, "I'm very sorry to see you this morning, sir. I'd been thinking of going over to Scilly, but of course I can't go now, since I met you." The fisherman regarded the chance meeting as a warning from on high not to make the trip that day.

Touching cold iron averts bad luck when seeing a clergyman on the street.

It is unlucky to use the word "church" when at sea. Since churches were often landmarks, the older sailors used the word "cleeta" from the Cornish "cleghty" (bell house)

It is unlucky for a woman to be on board a boat.

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