Fairy Elements

There are many Fairy Duile, or Elements. They have correspondences in both the physical body (microcosm), the soul-body, and in the multiverse (macrocosm). There are also many systems (ways of categorizing) of Fairy Elements.

You will notice that I do not include Fire as an element. In the Celtic mind, fire is seen as spirit. it is creation and destruction. it is the presence of the Deities, or the spark of inspiration. But Fairy Duile are a very personal thing. You must discover a system that works only for you.

Here are two ways of viewing the Fairy Duile:

I The Nine Duile

Du/ile Body part Soul-lore
Earth (talamh) Flesh (colaind) Elemental make-up (duile)
Stone (cloch) Bone (cnaimh) Shape (delvh)
Salt (salan) Nerves (ne/aro/g) Mind & will (menma)
Rain (ba/isteach) Fluid (lionn) Shadow & shape-shifting self (pu/ca)
Cloud (nel) Brain (imradud) Mind (imradud)
Sea (muir) Blood (fuil) Subconscious & memory (cuimhne)
Sun (grain) Face (drech) Self (fe/in)
Star (re/altai/) Eye(s) (su/il(e)) Shade-soul (enaid)
Wind (gaeth) Breath 1 (ana/l) Breath 2 (ana/2)

Note: Breath 1 is the physical air intake, while breath 2 is inspirational breath.

II The Six Duile

Element Body counterpart
Gaeth (Wind) Ana/l (Breath)
Nel (Cloud) Imradud (Mind)
Grain (Sun) Drech (Face)
Muir (Sea) Fuil (Blood)
Talamh (Earth) Colaind (Flesh)
Cloch (Stone) Cnaimh (Bone)

This is based on a Welsh medieval medical text. It was Christianized so those lines have been deleted:
There should be eight parts in each man: the first part of the earth, the second of the sea, the third of the sun, the fourth of the wind, the fifth of the cloud, the sixth of stone (the seventh of the Holy Spirit, the eighth of the light of the world called Christ).

Man's flesh is of the earth, his blood of the sea, his eyes of the sun, his breath of the wind, his mind and his inconstancy of the cloud, his bones of the stone (his soul of the Holy Spirit, his understanding of the light of the world called Christ).

If the greatest part of him is of the earth, he will be languid and heavy, if of the sea, he will be wise, if of the sun, he will be wild and warlike, if of the wind he will be volatile and adulterous, if of the cloud he will be volatile and wrathful, if of the stone, he will be hard and niggardly as a thief (if of the Holy Spirit he will be amiable and perfect and godly in his deeds).

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