The term fairy can be used to describe many types of magickal creatures. Most people relate the word fairy to the more ethereal image, the classic fairy with wings and flowing hair. Fairies are human in appearance and they have magickal powers, the origin of fairies is the point of much contention as no one can actually say where they originated from.

Fairies are capable of making themselves invisible sometimes fairies actually fly on the back of birds and they are very in tune with the creatures of the sky. Fairies are very intelligent creatures and their fragility is deceptive as they are actually powerful magicians and very strong mentally, and physically.

Children who have imaginary friends are actually talking to fairies as fairies feel most comfortable with children and are often drawn to their laughter. Adults catch fairies out of the corner of the eye but it is rare for an adult to clearly see a fairy as children do. Fairies often watch children while they sleep and they whisper fairy tales to the sleeping child. The best times to see a fairy are just as the sun rises and just as the sun sets.

Even when fairies aren’t seen they can often be felt, if you are very quiet you may just catch their tinkling bell like voices in the breeze. If you see lights moving in the dead of night it is usually a fairy, and if you feel a prickling on the back of your neck you know a fairy is close by. A fairy also exudes a most exquisite scent like that of a rose.

Because fairies love nature they often live in peoples gardens and enjoy sitting on a leaf and floating on a pond or lake. To encourage fairies you can leave out a small container of milk in the night before you go to sleep as fairies love milk. It is a good idea to encourage fairies because they bring good luck with them.

Fairies especially love lavender and you can be sure that if there is lavender in your garden there will be a fairy close by. They like the smell of all flowers and often sit on the petals of flowers enjoying the scent that they exude. If you ever feel blocked creatively call on the fairy realm before you go to sleep and they will whisper magick words of encouragement to you while you are sleeping.

Fairies are capable of changing their shape and color to blend in with nature, making themselves look appealing to the humans they choose to show themselves to. Anything that sparkles draws the attention of a fairy they are a little like magpies in that way, if you leave jewelry that sparkles on your dressing table a fairy may borrow it for a little while.

When you are alone and have a feeling that someone is there, you know that a fairy is close by. When you feel a gentle breeze while you are in your home with the windows closed, you know a fairy has taken up residence in your home. When you go out into nature and sit very quietly you may hear a faint sound carried on the breeze, that is usually a fairy singing. Fairies live in the fairy realm so that if you catch sight of them it is not clear as they are actually living in another reality.

Fairies love beauty and weave the most exquisite fabrics to make their fairy clothes. All fairies have hair like silk and they can spend hours a day brushing it and placing beautiful combs in their hair. You can be certain that if a fairy is close by you will have an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy, and if you are working on something you will feel especially creative. If a fairy is near an adult, they will often remember the joy they felt as a child and may think about times when they were young and carefree.

When you walk in nature and see mounds of soil they are actually fairy mounds and communities of fairies live in them. If you sit near a still lake or pond and are very quiet and still, focus on the water and you may glimpse the water fairies who look a little like mermaids with wings. Next time you see dragonflies look very carefully as fairies often fly with the dragonflies, they also spend time with other nature spirits such as elves, gnomes, pixies. Even people who say they don’t believe in fairies really wonder if there are fairies about, and everyone at one point in their life has a close encounter with a fairy.

When a baby looks as though it is laughing at something that isn’t there it is actually looking at fairies, watch next time you see a baby giggling at nothing, be very quiet and listen, you will hear the tinkling sound of their bell like voices.

Some fairies are quite mischievous and love to hide small items belonging to humans, this usually only happen with the very young fairies as they become older and wiser they learn the art of decorum.

It is believed that fairies like to reside in the thorn tree and those who believe in fairies would never think of chopping one down.

If a fairy ever tells you its name you are very lucky indeed because this means you can call on your fairy friend whenever you call their name, although they will only come if you are alone.

Fairies are very happy spirits and they often sing and dance, a fairies singing and dancing is purported to be the most beautiful ever heard and seen.

Fairies make their own gold and conduct their business with it. Fairies also live by rules and all but the most mischievous of the fairies abide by the rules, one punishment for fairies if they keep misbehaving is to have their wings clipped so they are not able to fly for one month, when this is done they learn their lesson and do not misbehave again.

On occasion a human person will go to live in the fairy realm where they are able to live for a hundred years.

Fairies love to paint and are capable of producing the most beautiful art, and it is said that some of the old masters had the help of fairies as they worked on their masterpieces.

Whether you believe in fairies or not there must be pause for thought, fairies have been painted and talked about for thousands of years and they still remain an enigma.

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