Fairies, Pixies, Gnomes and Sprites, Oh My!


The Fairy are from the Celtic-mythos, nature spirits brought to life by the essence that they represent. You'll find faerie almost e everywhere, the happiest ones happen to live in my sock-drawer, though. There are many kinds of fairykith as from the Celtic-mythology. Some are good and some are slightly malignant when it comes to humans. Stealing newborn babies and leading travelers off of cliffs and stuff, but we try not to do that too often; got us into big trouble before.


Ah, Pixies. My sorts to play with. They are a type of faekith that abide in the joys of living, are much less likely to be pranksters to anyone but those who are mean to them. They adore music and dancing. Oftentimes may even accidentally break precious china in the process; china makes an excellent mirror surface for dancing next to. Pixies were often blamed for the odd sounds that new houses make when the materials expanded and contracted in cold and warm seasons, and were mostly blamed for causing doors to stick when the weather turned damp (not that they were wrong to blame them, those doors get annoying after the umpteenth time you've been smashed by one!)


Sprites are the more playful nature spirits, and are not likely to inhabit anything but a tree, a special pond, or any other place that's serene and cool. They are often found playing with nymphs, or tormenting butterflies (not that the butterflies don't like it.) Sprites were charged with changing the colors of the leaves on the trees come autumn, and they took their jobs seriously! Each one comes fully equipped with bright orange and yellow paints and several paint brushes to make sure his/her job is d one properly. Sprites are also some of the most creative of the faekith, being muses to artists and poets. Sometimes they even decide to bond themselves to a human or elven and stay with them their entire lives; sometimes these Sprites even follow their bonded into the Otherworld. (Note: There are also weather-Sprites who deal with the clouds and rain, but that's normally done by particular rogue Fairy who like to cause havoc.)


The Gnomes are the more civic minded faekith. They are the more earthly biased of them. The guardians of sacred grounds, locations, and monuments. Their greatest weakness is for gemstones and sparkly things which they are in a constant state of unearthing and then redepositing somewhere else. They made works of beauty out of the rock formations in remote areas. Some Gnomes have also taken into just living in the forests under trees, and while others have taken even to living with humans. There have been few reports of the Elder Gnomes which are the Earth-Spirits that I originally begot this paragraph with.

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