Fairies and Fey Folk

UK Fairies

Blue Men of the Minch: Ship-wrecking water Fairies who live in the Scottish highlands and islands
Bogles: Goblins who harm liars
Brownies: Helpful household Fairies
Gweagedd Amwin: Beautiful Welsh water Fairies who steal husbands
Pixes/Urchins: Mischievous horse stealing Fairies from Devon and Cornwall
Silkies: Seal people of Scottish legend who take human form to walk on land
Thlwyth Teg: Welsh Fairies who bestow gifts, dance in fairy rings and kidnap children with long golden hair
Mab: A tiny night spirit who brings nightmares to humans when she drives her hazelnut shell wagon across their sleeping faces
Banshees: Wailing female spirits with long flowing hair, sometimes associated with a particular family and are said to appear when a family member is about to die
Leprechauns: Cunning Irish Fairies who make shoes and own pots of gold

German Fairies

Dwarves: Little people who mine for precious gems
Weisse: Water Fairies who protect children

French Fairies

Goblins: Ugly, mischievous spirits
Gremlins: Mischievous little people

Australia Fairies

Mimis: Long-Legged spirits who live in rocks and cause havoc

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