Fairy Tidbits

Tress and Their Associated Fairies

Alder: The Fae of the Alder have been known as the "dark fairies". They are very protective. When they leave their trees, this Faerie will take the form of a Raven.

Apple: This also known as the home for Unicorns.

Birch: This is sometimes known as the "Lady of the Woods".

Elder: The Elder tree is sacred to the Druid clans. It is the tree of the beginning and the end.

Oak: Linking with the Oak Fairies awakens visions of your future.

Willow: It is associated with Brigid in the Celtic tradition. It opens visions and communication.

The Soothing Energy of Water

A simple pool can add soothing energy to your garden. All you have to do is dig a small hole and put a liner or small "kids" pool in it. Add a few floating plants and some goldfish if you like. Put rocks around the garden. Every time you water your garden, you can replenish the water in the pool. A pond can attract all sorts of wildlife.

An alternative pool is a bird bath. Float flower blossoms in the filled bird bath.


During winter the fae folk sleep as do their plants and trees. If you make an area of your home welcome, they just might spend the cold winter months inside with you. It will take some patience and coaxing. They can be wonderful friends to both humans and animals. They are especially fond of small children.

The wee folk are also a good "barometer" of the vibrations in your home. If there is negative energy around, they become withdrawn and very quiet.

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