Fairy Superstitions

Bells: They are used as protection against fairies and evil spirits. But fairies also use bells. They are commonly used in fairy rides on the harnesses of their horses.

Ill Health

Stroke: Actually has its roots in faerie superstition, shortened from "fairy stroke" or "elf stroke." It comes from an elf who strikes a human, then invisibly carried them off while a stock kept their place.

Rheumatism, Slipped Discs, Deformations, Paralysis: Caused by the "invisible presence of a fairy market" (Briggs, p.26)

Cramps: Punishment for annoying fairies

Unexplained Bruises: Caused by pinching fairies

Consumption: Aka tuberculosis, has many causes: eating fairy food, witchcraft, and broken hearts

Problems with Childbirth: Fairies may be blamed, as they are also fertility spirits

Skin Diseases: Impetigo and lice could be inflicted by fairies

Infantile Paralysis: Sure proof that you have a changeling

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