Fairy Quest to Regain Balance

Close your eyes and begin breathing in a slow and steady manner. Use whatever methods you need to achieve your shamanic state of consciousness.

You materialize in a small clearing with a well in the center of it. Stand for a few minutes and gaze at your surroundings and become familiar with them. Approach the well.

Allow all of your cares, worries, and stresses to materialize as small pebbles in the palm of your hand. Drop them into the well, and watch them disappear into the darkness. When you hear the sound of them hitting the waters, turn and walk away.

You walk down a path into the woods. Small woodland creatures and Fairies play and frolic in the greenery. Perhaps your Fairy Guides and Animal Helpers approach you and join you on this quest. You enter a small clearing and sit on the earth.

You see four great trees before you. Each tree has a different symbol glowing in its bark. The first has a red spear, the second a blue cauldron, the third a yellow sword, and the fourth a green stone. Look at the images. get up and go over to touch them if you wish. Are any of them dimmer or brighter than the others. How does each make you feel? Are you drawn or repelled by any specific symbols. Knowing the basis behind the symbols, intuitively analyze them. Do any of them need to be brightened? Send your power into them and make them burn stronger. Do any need to be dimmed? transfer some of its power into the healing earth. Use all of your Fairy Shaman skills to achieve a sense of balance in these symbols. remain here for a while.

When you are done, return back down the path. Tell your Spirit Friends good-bye and return to the clearing by the well. Look up into the sky. The sun is setting to the west and the moon is rising to the east. A glowing light surrounds you as you return to your body.

Record your observations and thoughts in your diary.

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