Fairy Meditation

This is a lovely meditation that can be used to meet your local Fairy folk, in your garden, local woods etc.

Find a quiet, safe, comfortable place outside to sit and relax. Somewhere you feel safe and connected, close to nature.

Close your eyes and focus on the darkness of your minds eye, this is the blackness you ‘see’ when you close your eyes.

Now imagine that the darkness of your minds eye is slowly filling with a magickal green glow.

Feel that magickal green glow start to flow all around you until it is bathing you in magick and beauty.

Enjoy 'drinking' it in and absorb all that magick for a moment.

Let the Fairy power feed you, cleanse you and work its magick on you.

When you feel comfortable, happy and relaxed in the light, call out into it and ask (never demand, always be polite) for a Fairy friend to come and visit with you of their own free will.

If no Fairy presence comes forward or makes contact with you, thank them for coming and say goodbye. Try again another day.

If you are greeted by a Fairy friend then thank them for coming to visit you.

Talk to your Fairy but remember that Fairies are tricky beings, never ask Fairy questions as they are unreliable and known for lying.

When you being to feel tired (and you will as you are using a great deal of energy to concentrate and make contact) thank the Fairy for coming and say goodbye. You may wish to contact them again if you particularly liked them so ask its name. Some people like to offer a gift to their Fairy friend as a token of their affection (like an apple or a cake) this is perfectly fine to do so but remember that Fairies take bonds and oaths made to them very seriously and if you promise them anything you must never go back on it. If you promise to leave them a gift every week, then you must honor that promise leaving that gift out every week on the same day without fail.

Whenever you wish to visit with your Fairy again go back to your special spot and do the exact same thing but when you call out to the Fairies to make contact with you ask for your own special Fairy by name.

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