Fairy Locales
Pembrokshire Coast
The Welsh thought it to be an invisible island in the Irish Channel just off this coast
Laugharne and Milford Haven
The fairy are reported to frequent these markets
Hy Breasail
Elusive island to the west of Ireland where they lived
Isle of Man
British version of the island theory
Hollow Hills
Ancient forts, barrows, and earthworks. May raise itself up on pillars at night during Lammas Tide (August 7). King Arthur may have been buried in one.
Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
King Sil in his golden armor was buried here atop his horse
Bryn y Ellyllon
Translates to Hill of the Goblins, near Mold, Clyd Flint
Castle Neroche
In Somerset. Fairies defended their hill from gold seekers by instilling the miners with a fierce panic and they all died within a month of the attempt.
A Trow warned a farmer there not to dig in a certain mound. The warning was ignored and the farmer lost his cattle and family.
Fairy Rings
Fairies dance in circles and their music lures humans to them. Once inside, a human cannot escape unless a human chain from the outside is formed to pull him/her out. Inside, what seems like a couple minutes could actually be several days.
Gump Hill
Near Cornwall, reported to be a popular fairy meeting place
Fairy Islands
Elusive islands where all is happiness, it is always Spring, and no one ages or falls ill. Some float, some are underwater and only come up at night, some are only visible every so often. Among the best known are the Isles of the Blest (a/k/a Fortunate Islands), Tir Nan Og (the Land of the Young), Tirfo Thuinn (the Land Under the Waves), Tire Nam Beo (Land of the Living), Tirn Aill (the Other World), Mag Mor (the Great Plain), Mag Mell (the Pleasant Plain), and Tir Tairngire (the Plain of Happiness).
Chaw Gully, Dartmoor
The Knockers here are very protective of their mine. Anyone trespassing will be killed when a Knocker cuts the rope and the trespasser falls down the mining shaft. The body is always found the next day neatly laid out at the entrance.
Parish of Bodfari, Denbighshire
A group of Coblynau were once seen dancing in a field there, dressed as British soldiers with handkerchiefs (red with yellow spots) on their heads.
Fincastle Mill
It was so haunted no one ever set foot there after dark. One girl who dared to had to defend herself from a leering Brownie who years later killed her by throwing a stool at her.
Knockma Hill
Under Knockma Hill is King Firvarra's palace. He still holds court there as the leader of the Daoine Sidhe.
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